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Chains across Ontario with Gluten-Free Options

241 Pizza

Offers gluten-free pizza.

Baton Rouge Restaurand & Bar

All steaks, fish, sandwiches with gluten-free bun and desserts.

Boston Pizza

Offers gluten-free pizza, salad and wings on their separate gluten-free menu.

Buns Master Bakery

Offers a variety of gluten-free products in the freezer section.

Casey's Bar and Grill

Offers gluten-free menu, featuring starters, pastas, steaks, fish, chicken, dessert and kids' menu items.
*Available at select locations only.

Dairy Queen

Offers gluten-free items, such as soft-serve ice cream (in a cup), slush, novelty items and some Blizzards.


Gluten-free pizza available.


Locations offer gluten-free bread for sandwiches.

Extreme Pita

Gluten-free menu available online.

Godfather's Pizza

Gluten-free pizza crust.

Hero Certified Burgers

All of the Hero Burgers are made with no fillers or MSG and are additive, preservative and gluten-free. Now offering gluten-free buns from O'Doughs.

Jack Astor's

Nutrition guide contains tons of gluten-free menu choices.

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

Gluten-free menu available 


Site includes an allergy guide making it easy to determine which items are gluten-free.

Mamma's Pizza

Offers gluten-free pizza.


Website includes a short list of gluten-free options.


Site includes an allergy guide, making it easy to determine which items are gluten-free.

New Orleans Pizza

Offers gluten-free base and all toppings are gluten-free.

New York Fries

Gluten-free fries, dedicated fryer.

Panzerotto Pizza

Offers gluten-free pizza.

Pizza Delight

Offers gluten-free pizza crust.

Pizza Nova

Gluten-free pizza crust is available.

Pizza Pizza

Gluten-free pizza dough is available chain wide. Caution: some toppings (including regular pepperoni) contain wheat. Please consult ingredient list.


Offers gluten-free pizza crust.


Offers gluten-free pizza crust.

Shoeless Joe's

Offers gluten-free pizza crust.

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro

They offer gluten-free buns for the burgers. Many burger options to choose from.

South Street Burger Co.

Offers gluten-free burgers with bun, chicken breast and gluten-free fries.

Swiss Chalet

Site includes an allergy guide, making it easy to determine which items are gluten-free.

Topper's Pizza

Gluten-free pizza option for small pizzas.

Turtle Jack's 

Gluten-free menu available.


Specifies gluten-free items, such as hamburger patty, baked potato, Frosty and many salads.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that the restaurants and bakeries listed are completely aware of the cross-contamination issues involved when preparing gluten-free food. Please ask all appropriate questions when visiting any restaurant or bakery.